Naha Pharaoh Hounds
Of Ancient Origin

Pharaoh Hounds allow us to experience
antiquity.  The exact history of the
Pharaoh Hound is the subject of debate.
Many say that they originated in ancient
Egypt and the Phoenicians exported them
to the islands of Malta and Gozo where they remained pure for
millennia. Others argue that the breed originated in Malta and the
similarity to the artwork of ancient Egypt is coincidence.

My personal belief, based on museum tours, lots of reading, and
some educated guesswork is that the flat-backed, prick-eared
Mediterranean Sighthounds originated from the same ancestral
breed, which came from Egypt.  From there, the local populations
tinkered to make their breed better fit its new locale and duties.

Whichever side of the debate you're on, all agree the Pharaoh
Hound has one of the most ancient of all origins and is still very
similar to its ancestors.  Their job throughout millennia has been to
hunt using their wonderful eyesight, speed, agility, and wits.  Their
specialty on Malta was the rabbit.  Kelb-Tal-Fenek, their Maltese
breed name, means "dog of the rabbit."  This hunting focus has
molded a dog that is athletic, intelligent, and self confident.  The
breed enthusiasts take great pride in maintaining this wonderful
breed as close to its roots as possible.  We breed to preserve the
breed; not "improve" so that it no longer looks like the hound that
came to us out of Malta. We prove our hounds in the conformation
ring, lure coursing, open field coursing, and many other athletic
Pharaoh Hound
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